LUBING Agent Meeting 2011

Agent Meeting

The LUBING Agent Meeting 2011 has been a great success. 45 employees from subsidiaries and branches travelled from more than 20 countries to the head office in Barnstorf to get informed about innovations and products. Central point of the meeting was the new LUBING-product range: The Cleaning Unit for conveyor chains- a notably hygienic Drinking System for poultry barns, and the new CombiMaster nipple, which also is optimised for hygienic and modern barn systems. A special program made for the guests from all over the world presented news and curiosities beyond the professional parts of the event.

LUBING has a new address!

From the beginning of the year, we have a new address: 

The street “Am Kampe” was renamed “Lubingstraße”.


Thanks to our long-standing loyalty to the Barnstorf site and the related increasing importance for the economic region, the joint municipality in the district of Diepholz has decided to change the name of the street “Am Kampe” to “Lubingstraße”.
The LUBING Maschinenfabrik has now had its head office in Barnstorf for 62 years and for nearly 20 years at this site.

Since moving into the building in 1992, it was continuously expanded and modernized.We are honoured by this tribute and look forward to may more years of cooperation at this site!

The new address is:

LUBING Maschinenfabrik:
Lubingstraße 6
D-49406 Barnstorf Germany

BARKU Kunststofftechnik:
Lubingstraße 10
D-49406 Barnstorf Germany

LUBING – Award-winning!

At the International Livestock Fair Space in Rennes 2010, LUBING was awarded with two awards as the most successful award winner.

Despite more than 100 candidates, LUBING was one of only four companies to receive one of the coveted innov'space trophies with three stars. It was awarded by the organizers for the development of the innovative TwinClean Line.

In addition LUBING managed to win another star for the newly developed cleaning unit – making it the only company to receive two awards in that year.
The managing director of LUBING France, Frederic Senechal, accepted the prizes on behalf of the whole company at the ceremonial presentation of the awards.

LUBING at EuroTier

LUBING welcomes you to EuroTier 2010. Like most of the major worldwide manufacturers on this year's EuroTier LUBING will present the pig product range only.

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