Type F

Hygiene has a new name: CombiMaster

Nipple Type F
Item 4050-00 / 4095-00
  • The high-quality materials ensure high durability and therefore for the highest possible functional safety.
  • The casing only extends 4 mm into the nipple pipe. Cleaning the pipe is much easier.
  • The extremely smooth inner surface and the plastic's excellent hygienic qualities prevent contaminating deposits.
  • The larger casing makes it easier for the birds to see the nipple.
  • The lower pin's increased diameter enables larger drops to form.
  • The nipple is lightly secured by the lower pin and thus ensures an optimal water supply from the very first day.
  • Accessories can be directly attached to the nipple.
  • The hygiene-optimized design is very easy to clean.
  • The compact plastic casing is even more resistant.

Flow rates:


CombiMaster Item 4050-00

CombiMaster reduced Item 4095-00

Side action: 20-30 cm³/min 20-25 cm³/min
Upwards: 40-50 cm³/min 30-40 cm³/min


Definition of "Upwards":

Vertical lifting height 3 mm. 
All values apply when using a water column measuring 20 cm
By opening laterally, the nipple releases a small amount of water. This reduces the amount of splashing and therefore reduces water wastage, which the chicks cannot yet absorb during their first few days. If the birds are older and are capable of opening the nipple higher, the nipple will release the full quantity of water.


    CombiMaster  Item 4050-00
CombiMaster reduced Item 4095-00
  Husbandry Stocking*
(Animals / Nipples)
(Animals / Nipples)  
Rearing Breeders Floor watering 8-10 -
Broilers Floor watering 12-14  8-10
Rearing laying hens Floor watering 10-12  8-10

* In hot climates, and depending on the light/water program implemented, the number of animals per nipple must be reduced!

Observe national/regional regulations.


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